Springtime Lawn Worries???

Are you concerned about your lawns health? We did have a rather nasty winter here in Ohio.  If you look outside and see a bunch of brown like in this picture you probably don’t have anything to worry about.


As you look closer what you’ll find is a perfectly healthy batch of new growth coming on up.


This just happens to be a variety of turf called Kentucky Bluegrass. There is a  variety of grass types out there and each has a way of dealing with the seasons and changing weather.  Many just go dormant as a way to handle excessive cold and even excessively hot weather. 

Some companies that lack scruples might look at this and caution you about a need for immediate fertilization and start a costly regimen. Don’t fall for it! Sure, appropriately timed fertilization is a good thing and can do wonders for your yard. But you shouldn’t be hassled into treatments you don’t need. 

Have some more questions about your lawn? Wondering what bugs are trying to get out of your cupboards? Send me a message.